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From BUILDER, by Boyce Thompson: For many a U.S. resident, at least part of their American Dream is owning a home. That hasn’t changed, according to John Zogby, a noted political and cultural trends pollster who keynoted the Pacific Coast Builders Conference this week.

What has changed, per Zogby–author of a new book “The Way We’ll Be,”¬†are the¬†motivations driving people toward attaining their personalized version of the American Dream. Builder editor Boyce Thompson offers an analysis of Zogby’s remarks, with an eye toward connecting the dots between the pollster’s macro observations and specific opportunities and challenges for those trying to win new home buying and remodeling customers in the most dreadful of times.

Zogby outlined four pools of people who share this spiritual connection. A sizable portion of the population, he said, is now working for less. They have de-emphasized what they own or where they live to define themselves. “They are the new American consumer,” he said, adding that these are smart consumers who will shop for bargains but save money to buy something nice they really want. It’s a mistake to try to reach this group by marketing fantasy; reality is what appeals to them.

The blinding conclusion? Less is not only more; it’s all there is to bank on.

In Zogby’s own words:

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